What Hiring Managers Want To Hear

3 Things Employers Want to Hear From Job Seekers At The Interview

Now that you’ve sold the employer on paper with your resume, it’s time to seal the deal to a job offer at the interview. While there are many factors to leaving the employer with a great impression of you, what you say plays a big part in it.

 It’s not predictable what questions will be asked or the exact response employers are looking for, but there are things that you can say that will please and impress practically every employer. Look for opportunities to respond with the messages below or try to weave them into discussion to impress employers even more with what you have to offer.


  1. “I’ve been through a similar experience and have had success in the past with it."
    It’s great that you have experience and skills for the job, but employers particularly take notice of job candidates who’ve actually been there and done that. Those with real-experience dealing with the same challenge and can show proof of success informs the employer that they have the ability to excel on the job and solve problems for the employer. Be prepared to offer detail if you’re going to say this.
  2. “I’m fascinated and excited about it.”
    Employers can sense which job candidates are truly interested in the job and working with them by their enthusiasm and excitement. Of course every employer wants someone who will come on board pumped to work with a can-do attitude to help the company excel and succeed, but you still have to offer explanation for your excitement. Read up on the employer and know their stuff whether it’s a recent M&A deal they made, a product launch coming up, plans to emerge into a new market, or other information that will help back up your enthusiasm and excitement to work with them.
  3. “I’ve learned…”
    Employers want individuals who actively seek to grow and learn not just for self-improvement, but for performance on the job. One of the common questions interviewers ask about is a weakness you may have. While the question is asked for the sake of understanding your weakness(es), it is also asked to see if you are one that is willing to learn and overcome the challenge. Employers want to know that you will actively seek to improve yourself and that you’re not one to give up, so explain job-related continuing education efforts or other efforts that show you are an active learner.


When it comes down to two job candidates who have similar experiences and skills, the job offer is going to go to the candidate that offers real-life experiences of success relevant to the job, an enthusiastic and can-do attitude, and proof of willingness to learn and adapt.


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