Handling Job Rejection

3 Tips To Handling Job Rejection So That The Door Stays Open

Getting rejected on a job offer is something every job seeker is bound to experience at some point. Even if you impressed and aced the job interviews, rejection can still occur. Clearly, there are more job applicants than there are jobs to go around. What’s important is knowing how to handle rejection so that the door to opportunities continues to stay open.


Take these steps to ensure the door stays open for communication, because you never know when opportunity may come knocking again with the employer:

  1. Say “Thank You!” 
    Many employers may not even respond back to job candidates interviewed. If they have shown professional courtesy to inform you of their decision, return that gesture and show appreciation. Thank them for informing you of their decision, for their time, and most importantly, for the opportunity to meet with the individuals. Try to personalize the message by highlighting something positive from the interview you can recall. Your message doesn’t need to be long, just a few lines will suffice. Also remember to send it in a timely manner – same as you would with the thank-you note following a job interview.
  2. Ask For A Reason
    It’s fair to ask for a reason to why the job offer didn’t go to you. The reason may help you understand what you could do differently the next time. Think of presenting the question in that manner so the hiring manager understands you are asking so that you can help improve yourself the next time around. 
  3. Let Them Know You Remain Interested

One can never predict what happens, but there may be the chance that the individual hired doesn’t work out or that another similar opening comes up with the employer. Let the hiring manager know you remain interested and would like to keep in touch. You will benefit from keeping the door open, rather than closing it.

When it comes to job searching, you win some and you lose some. In the moment of hearing the job offer did not go to you, you may feel down in the dumps, but don’t let that get in the way of keeping the doors open with the employer. You may not have won the job, but you benefited from the experience in improving on your interview skills, learning more about the employer, and most importantly, meeting new contacts.

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